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Monday, November 22, 2004

i hate those drug dealers that think you wanna hang out. because you dont.

you have someone in the car, or waiting at your house, and you stand there trying to look as impatient as possible, while they play GTA on their playstationo 2.

i always wonder whats going on in their heads. are they thinking that the neighbors are spying on them, and they're trying to like cut back on the TRAFFIC? or are they just THAT stoned?

and saddly knowing who im dealing with, and i know they aren't thoughtful enough to worry about "traffic".

it's like, hey man i back that... you wanna taker easy, so just lemme weigh it out myself, and i'll be stoked taking all the head nugs.

and then here it comes... the cell phone call. this guy talks for ten years at a time with every single call.

see? i think THAT's the problem. he's a talker. although less of a talker and more of a rambler.

the whole time it reminds me of some scene from some movie i saw where the junkie girl was SO PISSED that the guy didnt fork over the dope until AFTER she gave him the head, because the way she saw it, it would have been way more mellow to suck dick while high.

in MY book that small chit chat i have to make with the drug dealer the same fucking thing. it would be so much less agrivating if i was high.

gimme my pot, THEN ramble on your cell phone, or show me dumb GTA video things i durn care aboot.

what happened to the good old days?

the days when drug dealers were a dime a dozen, and all in competition with eachother, and all you had to do was wait for THEM to call YOU. and sit tight while they rush over to your house fly faster than veggitables being spit out my mouth.

now you practically have to beg them to take your money. it's gettin to be ri-goddamned-diclous.

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