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Monday, November 15, 2004

i dont wonder why people hate me. i dont care.

if you hate me, how is that my problem. and the opposite is true: if i hate you, why do you care? get over it.

and hate is really too strong a word. im not talking about that PASSIONATE of a feeling. im talking about dis-liking someone. im talking about that sinkning feeling one gets when they hear the name of a person who they're not too fond of, or walk into a room that they are in. ect.

basically the hated person should be stoked. being hated doesn't have to bother you. it's really a choice.

so like if im at a party, and there's two people who hate me, and are mad that im there, GUESS WHAT?!!?!?!?

im not gonna notice, and im gonna prolly make them hate me more when i laugh, and dance, and spill drinks on myself.

but i always wonder why some people go on a mission to CHANGE the way someone feels about them. you can't change people, and you certainly arent gonna convert someone from a hater to a fanclub member. so why bother? why waste your time and energy?

if i was you. i'd move on.

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