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Thursday, November 18, 2004

i dont know why you would, but if you want ammunition to piss me off: start talking shit about my shoulder pain. that usually works like a charm.

so yah, im trying this new thing, that's actually NOT SO NEW. it's been around A LOT longer than the swallowing-vicodens-method. and dont get me wrong, i think partying on pain pills is like the super coolest. who's got a darvaset they can flow me?! codiene anyone??

but when you NEED pain pills. and you're taking them to maintain your composure, and not to be takeing advantage of the multiplier effect... that's when it SUCKS. that's when western medicine's approach of treat the symptom but fuck the problem (because there's no money in problem solving), fails you as a person.

that's why capitalism is fucked and flawed, for ethical reasons like that. they make more money in the medicine, NOT the cure. placing money over people. leaving pain sufferers to flap in the wind, and hope for a "good week". meaning shit doesn't flare up and you have semi free range of motion.

so know what, poorboy? while yer at home playing on your laptop, hoping your girlfrien-who-hates-me doesn't find out you SIGNWALKED, because she would be embarrassed.... i'm trying something new for my "poor little whittle shoulder wolder that's got a hurty-poo" because what you dont realize, is that your mocking tone is why you're who you are today. recognize.

my mom made me brownies, becuase she felt sorry for me, and im gonna go drive over and fetch them now. peace to the out.

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