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Monday, November 22, 2004

i dont even know or care where it is. because my fucking piece of shit cordless phone is deader than Easy E.

my apartment isn't even that big. it's like the only real benefit to having a cordless phone is so that i can talk to people while i take a shit. which, btw... im not at all interested in.

and if there was some sort of emergency situation that REQUIRED me to use a telephone while defacating, i always have the cell.

cordless phones are the worst because the battery is bound to turn shitty on you, and not hold a charge, and then you have to try and focus on what your caller is saying whilst all you really hear is the BEEP'BEEP'BEEPing; you never know where it is when you NEED it, like when it's ringing, or when it's time to call pizza hut.... who needs all that drama? im over it.

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