Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

i could have avoided it longer, but i decided that i would spend my day off celebrating my grandparents anniversary with my mom's side of the family.

other than my mom, my sisters and i, they are all religious right wing wackos. who "pray" for my mom and me and my sister, because they think we need "saving" like they've gotten.

save THIS!

them with their backhanded compliments, "when are you gonna get a REAL job, anti?" oh YAH???? well hey auntie so-and-so the 70's called, it wants it's hairstyle back. and screw YOU, uncle whats-his-name, i dont need your tone, or your snide druggie jokes made at my expense.

from my point of view, being married with kids by age 21 is the mistake, not the answer you all, SO LOUDLY, proclaim it as.

yes those are cup marks on my back. no i DONT trust doctors. why does that bother you? huh? does it make you feel good to talk shit? because guess what buddy-buddersons, you're MY reletive, and thank good old grandpa for the shitty shoulders. you turn will come.

and i'll be waiting...

it's also saddening to see that my moms sisters are so different from her. and i ask her how she has the strength to hear them babble on like rascist elitist snobs who listen obediantly to whatever bill o'reilly tells them... and she says that everyone has a right to destroy themselves. and i say, "oh yah, i forgot"

and that's how i feel like the better person in the end. because who's to judge how others lead their lives? right? but granting one the permission and ALLOWANCE to feel and think for themselves, even if it glares in opposition to what you believe, is the orignal american spirit, that has since been long forgotten.

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