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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

for people like me the answer to depression is simple.

go. out. side.

indoors is comfy and warm and safe and secure, and my own private reality stays in tact for as long as it lasts. happy happy joy joy, someone whip out an acoustic guitar and let's sing "we are the world"

cuz see, that ain't living, no sir. living is doing. and doing... well that's what i need to do more of. feeling safe and cozy at home is the politically correct way to say, "rot slowly in your hole until you die"

and everyone knows yer sposed to rot quickly at a place that is fun. it's the only way. and fun is anything outside the realm of your living quarters.

if you're the right person, you can have fun even whilst locked in an iron maiden.

im preaching, but to myself. in case you thought this sounded insultingly hypocratical to swallow... but btw, we're all hypocrates. it's part of being a human, don'cha think?

so yes in a perfect world wich i will strive to achieve, i'll take a fucking walk here and there, and ride my shitbag skateboard more often.

i even pledge to not smoke weed before 8am from now on. (baby steps)

i've already started eating more frequently and have been making lots of meals here at home. (the toaster oven counts right?)

so when i say im gonna do something, i do it.

99.9% of the time im talking to hear myself speak. this is that rare .01%. you betcha.

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