Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

dave is having sex with his girlfriend, the viking is out in hollywood clubbing it up, big tanky is making last minute things for her cousin's baby shower that is tomorrow, whitey and mark said they felt like drinking in manhattan beach, and me... ?

im just chillin at home thinking about how badly i want a chicken cordon blue sandwich from Jack in the crack.


i feel like people watching right about now. i wanna sit back, suck on a beer, and use up my jukebox money while all the shiny shirted boys and hoochie'd-out mamasitas strut their stuff, and proceed into the club that has the longest line. but people watching is only fun for about one cigarettes worth of time.

i thought i was gonna go up to hollywood to party with the viking... but now i feel too burnt out, and i dont think i'll be able to keep up with them. you're either part of the party, or just dead weight...

i guess that settles it. im going to do nothing tonight, and "save my energy" for more important things.

like masterbating myself to sleep, picking my nose, twiddling my thumbs, and whistling dixie.

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