Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Monday, October 18, 2004


i have officially surprised myself today.

im not only awake before noon ON A DAY OFF, but im energized and ready to head outta the house, and do errandy type things.

ME! anti! the laziest fuck to ever get high and chill out in his underwear, is actually motivated(ish)

ok, so far it's all talk. im still in my boxers, lemme dress before this post is done, hold prease.


shoes with no socks, dirty jeans, and the sweatshirt that whitey forgot here, and IM DRESSED. now im just filtering the needed pocket things. wallet, keys, cigs, lighter.

the cell phone stays in the car...

so im ready to jet.

lemme pack the bong, so i can be as high as possibl until i return.... i got a pinch of hash from the canibus club to throw on top of the bowl, this is gonna be a nice 'un.

damn i haven't smoked it yet, i took a HUGE picture of it. the bowl im going to smoke right now...

can i just say damn? i mean it. damn. i enjoyed that. my eyes are watering and tearing up, im sweaty, there's still risidual coughing (im a hardcore cougher)

and luckily i can refer to the begining of this post as to what the fuck i was thinking, because if i didn't just do that, i'd have had NO CLUE!!!

weed truely does make you forget.

anyways, im outta here to go run around in my car, doing faker errands, and loving the city i live in, on this crisp wintery day.

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