Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Thursday, October 07, 2004


why can't i keep running away? who says i can't get away from myself? just watch me try!

everywhere you go there you are, right? well is that true too for people with multiple personalities? i doubt it.

wherever they go, it's not there they are. they could be anyone by that point. perhaps they're winston churchill THAT hour.

i wish i was crazy, or at least retarded. i've met very few depressed retards. they're too stupid to know how bummed out they should be. life is all smiles, and stains on your shirt from the soft serve ice cream cone.

i think too much, i over think things. i let my imagination take over, and suddenly i live in a false sense of reality where my friends and family want to sabotage my happiness, and are plotting to destroy life.

i quit my blog at least once every two months, for those of you that are new... im a drama queen, get used to it... and for those of you that missed it: yes i quit my blog for aproximately 3 hours this evening. dont ask me why... im just lame like that.

right now i have a head ache, im starved and haven't eaten a stitch all day, and there's a lit cigarette hanging from my mouth. in other words... everything's normal.

oh and here's a special little message for the anti's boring blog from hell's NEWEST reader:


el fin

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