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Wednesday, October 20, 2004


whitey whizzle, my nizzle fo shizzle.

him and i totally drove through the rain all day, me rocking my newwwww digital camera that i scored for a sweet $175 out da door, from cirtuit shitty. whitey rockin a hang over and the bad news he got last night (that shall remain undisclosed)

today we had to roll to anna's trading, off of los angeles street, smack in the middle of downtown. i wasn't even outside of my car yet when i had already donated over a dollar in change to the local homeless, wich were circling my truck in a mad frenzy.

we got out, handed off the remaining things we could offer (a few recyclable bottles, and one soda can) they fought over it. and then scattered out of sight...

i bought 20 american flags, and 20 mexican flags, for 3 dollars a pop. coming to a total of $120. the viking totally reimbursed me.

and fuck la for neing such a rain retarded city.

not only is everything flooded like ridiculous, the people who live in teh area that are always trippin on fire storms have now converted to fear of mudslides, the local news talks about the rain like non stop, BUT TO TOP IT ALL OFF... all the idiot la drivers continue on like it's a bright and sunny day and cut off trucks full of signs.

they cut off truck drivers like me who will devote a day to ruining THEIRS. but man, not today.

i wore my PJ's all day, baby (sweats and a hoody)

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