Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

while you are intolerably sick, and in the middle of it all... you're usually not delirious enough to quit remembering: this is not gonna stop anytime soon

i grit my teeth and growl like a pissed off doberman. that's how i cope. that and a lot of shouting. oh and bigtanky told me im a very loud horker. she thought my neighbors were gonna complain.

im fine now, of coarse. just slight aftershocks... as in: a wave of nausea will envelop me, and send me into goose-bump-ville. but no more than that.

i hope to see the pixies tonight in irvine, that should be mellow and not too ruckus for my weak pathetic stomach.

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