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Saturday, October 09, 2004

what is more annoying than the fact that it is ILLEGAL to call a bong a bong when shopping at the bong store???

i guess they're really only allowed to sell the paraphenalia is under the guise that it's for tobacco. not weed. pshhh, yah, they totally look like someone's NOT gonna go home and smoke the chronic. puh-leaze.

and therefore you must call them waterpipes, not bongs. and because hermosa beach hates the fact that there are two head shops here, they're always sending in undercovers who are checking to see if the ask for ID, and to see if they hate on people who call the lovely waterpipes "bongs", so they can pull the license, and make their yuppy-ville hell reach levels of barfingly disgusting like NEVER before...

btw, I'D LIKE TO ADD, that people smoking tobacco in a bong are the ones we should be worried about. not weed. i mean, let's prioritize... becuase we criminalize the pot smoker, and yet the PSYCHOPATHHHH that uses a bong to smoke a bowl of tobacco walks the streets... FREEE! that's an injustice, if you ask me.

the whole thing makes as much sense as giving stevie wonder a plasma screen TV, or spraypainting the lawn bright orange, or paying the homeless hundreds of dollars to break your ribs with a golf club...

you know, logical things.

so go xerox your soul, and doubt what you know. ok?
...until i wake up, BYE assholes!

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