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Thursday, October 07, 2004

this new guy in our business who has only done one weekend of being a helper, this dude named jacob, he bought an F-150 from the sale he was a helper for last weekend.

that's gonna stir shit up in my company.

see, having a truck, that makes you worth gold, because you have one of the most useful things a signguy needs A TRUCK.

my cousin, myself, whitey, my uncle bill... even jesse the dude that got fired. one thing we all have ni common, is that we drive a fucking truck. and that's that.

wannabe's cant step to us in their hoopty mini vans, and ghetto ass Buik Rivieras. that's not getting it done. sorry.

so there will be hateration from wannabe's. jacob's gonna feel it fo sho. because there have been dude's laying in wait for their chance to be a sign guy... and for their chance to save up for a truck so they can be one of our elite sign guy staff.

and SWOOOP, in comes jacob, with good credit, he buys a truck FROM THE CLIENT no less (that makes him look good fo sho) and welp, he better keep his nose clean because it's ON.

you never saw such tattle tales as the people in our crew from where jacob came from. lots of them are good people, but lots of them are crazy wing nuts who'll crack your skull, and hang you from a noose they attatch to the top of their signwalking stick... or tell my cousin if they see you doing anything he wouldn't like. such as speed. we ain't promoting no glassheads, ya heard?

i can't wait to see how this pans out.

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