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Monday, October 04, 2004

sometimes i punch the steering wheel super hard to express how angry i am at a situation. or usually... to demonstrate how frustrated i am that im STILL working and NOT home yet.

but then i get home sometimes, i just can't wait to have something to do again. like tonight.

because robert was cracking his cherry at having his own gig... he needed a lot of help, and umm assistance.

that's all gravy, im here to help out my fellow man, but it all started FUCKED when i was there on time to make sure he got his slimey mits on MY TOOLS all so i could go waste money on new tools (ugh, thanks for the no warning on THAT one) and then in the end, he forgot the stickers he was sposed to have for me from the print shop... UGH.

that's fine that was friday, im so over that by now, but today, the guy has some nerve on him. i think he must think im stupid.

because i told him a specific time to start the take down of the signs, and he STILL lies and says that's when he started, but AHEM... the viking and i know that south central job like forwards and backwards, and logistically from when robert SAID he started... to the time Mike got a call from the dealership GM... well that's 30 minutes. it takes 120 minutes to take down the city, BOTTOM LINE... so he's lying about when he started taking them down, or he is lying about how many he put up. and we aren't down for that. and im PISSED as hell.

so i go to meet him to pick the signs because homie doesn't even have the proper vehicle, he has some hoopti cadilac ghetto slide lookin thing. a get-pulled-over machine. and anyways, he of coarse boned out before i could get there... prolly didn't wanna face me after lying and getting so obviously busted by me AND the viking.

so instead of heading home, i get myself into more work, and i call up mike and tell him he JUST found the person who is gonna help him take down his sale in panorama city, wich he said was rad, because he had some stripper who was living at his house for the last 4 days that he had convinced to help him, but she wasn't gonne be much help (duh)

well i was up there by ten thirty, and an hour later we had both our trucks emptied of signs, and were on our way to slam down my THIRD sale slam down of the evening wich we finished by 12:34am... it only took us a half hour.

but, the bad news is that i totally realized that the traffic ticket i got about a month ago that i didn't tell anyone about or blog about (because i was embarassed)

yah, well today i realized that the court date was 9/29/03 and it's um... passed that.

fuck the police.

so imma head downtowny tizzle fo shizzle tomorrow and clear this all up or try to, perhaps i can buy my way out!

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