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Saturday, October 30, 2004

sometimes i dont like how someone chooses to handle a situation.

i will see how they behave or react to something, and it's always clear-as-day what's wrong about what they do. it sticks out like a sore thumb.

too bad that doesn't apply to self analisys.

looking at my own self, i can see some of the obvious flaws. but lots of the time im clouded by pride, and my ginormous (and equally fragile) ego.

i dont speak up, and tap so-and-so on the shoulder and offer my pearls of wisdom. because on top of it being none of my beeswax, and it being overly presumptuous to say that i know "how someone should act"... but i'd also likely get myself into a fist fight.

but it sure is tempting...

i wish i had an advice line poeple could call. im sure 99.9% of my advice would be for people to smoke more pot and watch more cartoons.

just think how awesome this world could be if that was EVERYone's answer to stress.

i respect ppl who draw limitations, and stick to what they say... although nobody can or does say that im a man of my word, i hope to prove to people that they ought to.

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