Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Monday, October 04, 2004

so many people so many problems, i just shine em all off personally. how about you read my middle finger... that's where there's no messy font to mess up the message: FUCK YOU.

bong water is piss yellow when it needs to be changed, and it smells like a swamp. hold while i change it...

ok now hold while i chinga my heart out.

backskis, and seeing stars. i love when people ask if im ok when i am in mid cougher, i can tell they don't "know"

man i paid good hard earned money for that lung butter explosion, so let me enjoy it. cuz im trying to.

i have realized lately that cash is what people like me are forced to work with. credit card deeze nuts, so to speak.

and checks? check yourself before you wreck yourself. got me?

i still rock my hawthorne savings check card... with the visa logo! *barfs*

but hey, i gotta assimilate SOMEhow.

im fakin bacon like i was beggin strips.

and while im on the brainwaves of dog food commercial, i truely miss those old chuckwagon ones where the covered wagon rip roared across the generic kitchen setting's vynle flooring. that was bad ass. bad ace.

i just cashed my paycheck, but i feel broke. damn it. where's it all go? (besides up in smoke)

who knows. prolly in my gas tank.

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