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Saturday, October 09, 2004

so in highschool the two rival stoner crews were my own. wich had no name, and was ME, Whitey, Weissman, Haynes, and Pete....

the rivals were the beach bakers: radke, woody, tony, sweeny, and Sean Obrien.

but lets face it we're stoners. we all just merged and were like "the homies" and all partied together for a long time. toss in Devcish and Bhart who went to some private school, but were still homies...

welp, its funny, cuz, we all seem to hate eachother, or at least, have disbanded.

peter became a tweeker. haynes is locked down with his girlfriend cindy. everyone hates andy weiss cuz he's a creep. and whitey is like a gypsy, he moves to a new city every 6 months.

radke stayed a beavis and will be a beavis for the rest of his life. woody is an isolationist (like myself). tony moved to hawaii. pat sweeny became a proffessional frisbee golfer, and sean obrien moved to Nebraksa.

and devich and bhart went to UC santa cruz together. now they're both office monkeys to a degree...

so yah, seperate roads FO SHO. but we all cross paths all the time. some more than others. but take my word for it, all the above mentioned dudes are totally not as cool as me.

except whitey, nobody is as cool as whitey.

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