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Thursday, October 21, 2004

So I jumped out of the truck at 7:45am, in the parking lot of a "la gigante supermarket" to grab a sign and read the address for the sale... i wasn't sure if i was at the right place.

normally when you arrive there are a bunch of cars parked closely together with different colored balloons tied to each car antenna, surrounded by a chain link fence that i will wallpaper with signs, and...

there i was parked in this empty parking lot. there might as well have been tumble weeds and vultures circling. there certainly wasn't any sale for my to advertise.

turns out larry the weasel is up to his weasely ways (don't pretend you're shocked) and so the sale got FUCKED UP, something having to do with permits from the DMV ect ect... long story short - i grabbed robert when he showed up and went on to the next mission at hand, RESCUE THE VIKING

he forgot his wallet, thus making all hopes of cashing his signwalker payroll check at the bank sink like an Iraqi battleship.

i saved the day, because im the rescuer type, and even came equipped with bonghits and a combo #3 from McDonald's. but yah, mike bought me $25 in gas for exchange. fair 'nuff fo sho.

man i didn't know what to do for sure after that... my sale is fuct, my timeline and my strategy for the gameplan this weekend all shot to hell... "FUCK IT DUDE, let's go signing."

robert and i just went and did the job i was gonna do tomorrow. SURPRISE! you random ford dealership in the ghetto! you get bonussed a day early. we'll sit back now and watch yall do back flips of joy...

...waiting still

tomorrow the sale is allegedly back on. *yawn* watch as i hold my breath. but we're not giving them first priority anymore, "you missed year opportunity for that, bros"

im gonna print out my map and decide where i want to place my walkers now. night'chall.

oh and say hi to dez, she just got back from michigan.

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