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Thursday, October 21, 2004

robert meets me at the spot on compton blvd, and gage av.

a nice neighborhood


anyways, im not worried about it, cuz like, six signwalkers aint no thang for a real deal sign proffesional such as myself. plus the second job im pullin this weekend doesn start until friday. so tomorrow? mellow yellow all the way...

the thing is im gonna get up at the butt crack of dawn, like perhaps 5am, and try and be at the viking's house so early that it will make you sick.

but the secret to not being late is being early. as a boss, it's hard to accept people's excuses for being late, because we all know, as reasonable human beings that the solution to being late, is leaving earlier.

the other thing is, it sucks. cuz it's gonna be raining most likely, and signs arent like car washes. we're more like postmen, in the sense that rain, hail, sleet or snow dont stop us. wich i remind the signwalkers is GOOD, because those car wash boys dont get paid for rainy days, and so they should be grateful we still want to pay them, and "let" them work. har. but anyways im going to bring trash bags to make insta rain coats. moer like ghetto ass rain vests. but im not their damn mommy.

i have a signwalking payroll check that i still have to cash, but i have already counted out and prepared the first day's money with my own funds. so that there will be no bumps in the road.

the key to problem solving is problem prevention.

im juiced, im amped, and energized about my double gig, and ready to rolllll. i just cant sleep.


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