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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

oh, and this bird you cannot change. lord help me, i cant chay-yay-eyayeyayeyange.

i feel 95% better. the last %5 always creeps up on ya anyways, and pffft, yer lucky if you had it to begin with.

mcdonald's was what i decided made me so sick i contemplated my REAL life options. wich were: fill up my bathtub and drown myself, or ride out the nausea and the endless vommitting until it was over.

therefore, i will NEVER go back, and am taking real steps to improving my health. for one, i got to get my sink fixed so i can wash dished, and pots and pans, because currently the garbage disposal is not happening.

if i can prepare food at home, then i'll trust that it's not under cooked, or contaminated, or whatever is was that the mcdonald's on slauson and western avenue did to my quarter pounder with cheese.

im even considering scrating my beloved del taco off the list permanantly. if you dont have to get out of your car, then i dont want to eat there. from now on.

and i should be be eating at home anyways. why dont i buy a hibatchi grill, word! that's gonna be sick on my patio. too bad i missed summer, like a genius. well, im slow like that. k?

tonight it's robert and i at 8pm to take down the ford dealership that we do on a weekly.

no rain this sunday. how nice.

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