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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

obvioulsy, i like to torture myself, and i think self induced suffering is grand.

why else would i leave the sweat shirt or the OTHER sweat shirt or even the jacket IN THE CAR while going to see the pixies play at the verizon ampitheater? why else would i try and cope with a SPLITTING headache with no ibuprofin to offer me relief?

or maybe i need to lay off the pipe. i dont like torture, i like THC, and thusly, im robbed of my memory and forget EVERYthing.

the pixies were good, what i saw was awesome... before i had to laydown on the ground flat on my back, and close my eyes, with my hands under my butt to try and get warm.

and fuck the crowd. i hate concert goers sometimes, it's always SOMEthing with them.

now im home, and i can hear the neighbors subwoofer thumping my wall. thanks guy.

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