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Thursday, October 21, 2004

my weed guy told me he was headed out of town for boston, so i stocked up.

why be foolish? especially when it looks like this.

homie told me to meet at his house at 10pm, i was on time and parked directly in front of his house, and was stoked i didnt have to double park with the engine running, and the hazzard flashers on, cuz that's semi disrespectful, and welp, i only do it when THAT space is taken.

and as i jotted up the steps, not only did i FINALLY realize that homie's mini van wasn't there yet, but WHOA there was whitey standing in the bushes... pointing at the cop car slowly driving past us.

"sup johnny? that cop's been circling."

i said what up, and high fived him, and he continued, "yah that cop has rolled by three times all slow like that."

i said, "they must be 'on' to you"

we saw headlights approaching again, and my stomach sank, because whitey is as good a bad luck charm as the tiki thing from the brady brunch in hawaii.

but i guess i was just being paranoid, because it was homie in his minivan, who let us in, and whipped out the nugs.

nugs that are best described as: rooty tooty fresh and fruity. or perhaps... simply, sugar coated.

we all stocked our pockets with expensive little ziplock baggies as more and more people arrived.

eventually homie cracked open the garage where he stores all the shit the tweaker he kicked out left behind. it's sorta an ongoing yard sale, and i think i am totally gonna make a big on the california king size bed. auction on that starts next week.

i might pick up the fax machine too. i know the viking would prolly apreciate that.

right now i have a fat sack of some stuff that i deem october's gonna have to hide some of this for the "whoa look at this savory morsel i saved, forgot about, and totally just found" factor.

cheers to the tokers who blow it out their nostrils.

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