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Thursday, October 07, 2004

my dad once told me that the smartest move a dude can make when out with the boys, on the prowl for chicks, is to go for the 10.

don't talk to the 7... walk right passed the 8, and turn up your nose at the 9 sitting over there near the bar... file them under sloppy seconds, and go hit them up if the 10 shoots you down.

but the 10 wont. here's why...

the 10, she's so hot, such a 10, that she ruins it for herself. she scares guys, they are intimidated by her beauty. some try to talk to her, but they stutter, they spill shit. they're clowns.

ultimately she's lonely. and in the end, guys dont approach her as often as other chicks, because a 7 isnt intimidating. a 7 doesn't make you nervous. a girl who's a 7... she's like no pressure city.

that's my dad tho. i think he has a point, and in certain RARE situations... he's prolly right. but everytime i've ever seen a hottie out and about, she ain't lookin too lonesome if you ask me, and to talk to her i have to get in line behind 20 zillion dudes.

perhaps life was different in chicago... and umm... in the 50's.

nevermind, nobody cares.

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