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Monday, October 11, 2004

my bed is like a piggy bank.

for some unknown reason there's always dimes, and pennies, and nickles in there. perhaps i'm lazy and not good at picking up after myself....

but what i hate is being in bed, and rolling over onto a freezing cold nickle.

it sorta freaks me out, because it feels like a wet spot at first, and my mind instantly jumps to "what the fuck is WET up in here?!"... and believe me, im always annoyed, and throw the penny or nickle (whatever) at the tv, or something.

my favorite is when i wake up all bleary eyed, and drag myself over to the pisser, so i can handle my business... and in the middle of my pee, i feel coins peeling off my back and torso and hear them hit the linoleum floor.

nothing says "rise and shine" like an abe lincoln face impressed into you shoulder.

dont even get me started about the SAND on my bedsheets.


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