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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

"johnny, HEY JOHNNY, it's me... LLOYD!"

"i know, lloyd, what's up? your cell phone's breaking up."

"ohhh no... HAHAHAHA it's not MY phone--"

"lloyd, it's your phone, im not on a cellphone. you called me at home. what's up?"

"did you talk to your cousin or your brother? err- i mean cousin?"

"no lloyd,"

See when lloyd drinks he's difficult to deal with, and really kinda annoying. when does he drink? always. like literally, his skin smells like budweiser at all times. the same way whitey used to constantly stink like tequilla.

im really still not sure what lloyd wanted or why he's calling, but i think it'd be best, and less annoying if i choose to deal with it at a normal hour.

id call to ask my cousin what lloyd was thinking, but im sure my mike's already totally over it by now, hence how lloyd got my home number to begin with [touche, viking ;)]

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