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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

ive always prefered reading a girls blog.

i read a shit ton of blogs, written by women AND men... but i think the female perspective always gets my attention, perhaps because i feel like i already know how dudes think.

so what have i learned from reading blogs written by females? nothing. in fact, because blogs can tend to be a "put my best foot forward" type setting... i think reading blogs has SUCKED up prior knowledge i had before.


cuz see i think that's the real problem, is not that girls are these mysterious creatures who's minds work in ways that men could never comprehend (thats true, it's just not the problem)

the problem is at least MY inability to stop thinking the way i do. my brain wants to catagorize, file, and group information in a scientific format, so that fast... easy... logical choices and decisions can be made.

like with fellow dudes, it's very simplistic.

for example, guys dont call other guys on the phone, unless there is a specific purpose to the call. they dont very often call to say hi. nahmean?

well whitey does... but he's a freak of nature.

the detox is a great girl blog.

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