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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

im an impulse item addict.

50 cent machines with homies in em, fucking weirdo novelty lighters next to the register, that aim-n-flame they have next to the cashier conveyor belt at teh grocery store.


sometimes that's all im interested in at a liquer store, is those little last minute goodies that they have to catch your eye as your buying your cigarettes, like you do religiously... those things that make you say hey, "i NEEDED a san dimas key chain, thanks guys for reminding me!"

i'll buy their hats, sunglasses, or fuckin postcards, rock-em-sock-em ball point pens, phone cards, energy pills, AND car fresheners.

when you get older you dont get less excited about going to the candy store or toy store, in fact you get MORE AMPED. and lucky you, now its the same store.

here's a little pic of one such adult toystore, located on PCH. it's one i like, good old "House of Cigar-Liquor Cold Beer Fine Wine Discount Cigarettes"

and yes i like it because of the catchy title. you gotta love anyplace that starts off with "house of..."

is this the house of jizz stained sweat socks? obviously so, i guess...

anyways, who wants to be my business partner because i have a million dollar idea. a store that is NOTHING BUT impulse items. HOWS THAT?!

we'll be rich.

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