Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

im all for logic, i think it's fine, and even DANDY.

it works out great for me, and i totally could see myself with an "i heart logic" tattoo. but that's my choice, and it's not fair to impose my ways on others. in fact, it's a waste of both mine and their time. so i dont try, and if you're sitting there with your head up your ass...

basically im saying nobody died and made me the act-right police. (luckily)

man it's YOUR life. that shit has NOTHING to do with me, no matter how hard that is for me to swallow. it's not about me.

"i figured out how life works, and i have it all mapped out, and now im going to go on a crusade to make everyone see things the way i do."

ever known someone on a kick like that? it'll make you hork faster than your middle finger tickling your tonsels.

it's like how christians and jehovas witnesses and all these religions are all about RECRUIT RECRUIT RECRUIT, even sending "missionaries" into foriegn lands, because they are THAT desperate.

By The Way, nobody stops to think "why am i SO SURE im right?" and really the need to gain recruits is PROOF positive of how insecure they are with their "faith".

it's so "the emperor's new suit" type thinking.

well hear comes anti, and you better fucking grab him and strangle hold your hands over his mouth and throat, cuz if you dont, he's gonna ask....

in his most stoned-californian of accents:

why's that dude naked?

and anyone else who wouldnt do just that, is a total asshole wastoid.

wrap your head around THAT

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