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Saturday, October 09, 2004

if someone was to ask me why i think im great, or a great person, id say because i get to do what i love.

signs is not what i love. i do my job with pride, and execute the operations with diligence. but...

more often than not, i loathe signs. i hate them right down to the cora-plast.

what i love to do is nothing. i love more than anything to mindlessly swivel in my computer chair, reaching for another cigarette, and then deciding... nah, i'll do a binger instead.. or perhaps i just lay in bed with an ashtray on my chest and a matress on my back, and let my eyes dart around to the things ive staple hammered to my walls.

i guess mikes strippe friend, and Dez, and down in garden grove today dressed all hot and sexy, making $30/hour, and like being harrassed by the general male public whilst handing out fliers. the viking is patroling to keep things safe... and needed me to cover for him at the ford dealership for check in with the GM. i sighed back into the cell phone at him, because my shitty cordless home phone isnt good at being much more than a paper weight, and told him i'd be there in 35 minutes to get the check and shake homeboys hand. mike payed me, so basically this was the easiest money ever ever.

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