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Friday, October 08, 2004

i was already awake when the viking called me this morning, but the damn cordless was dead from not being on the charger thingy, and so i heard his answering machine message say, "good, im glad you already left, because im already on my way to the ford dealership..." i took that as my cue to get the fuck on the road.

i arrived to find the viking had been up all night busy with sluts, and had even dragged a slut to work with him, she was in the truck that was sitting there with the engine still turned on, playing with her cell phone, while we put up the rest of the signs in front of the dealership.

now that i think about it, i dont think mike took off his black flies even once today.

so when the viking and i hop into his truck to do the signs, it totally reeks like redbull and captain morgan's spiced rum. blick. but since the viking only brought a small number of signs, and changed his mind about dissing the staple hammer, so we were done by 10:30am.


the viking dropped me off at my parked truck, i grabbed my bong, my cell phone and my wallet and car keys from mike's car, and waved goodbye, and here i am.

i hope you feel well informed, you stalkery stalkers. because now you are.

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