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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

i muster enough energy to haul my ass to seven eleven and of coarse... they have shut down the freezer for maintenance, and there is no ice cream for sale. what a total bust.

yah i could have driven to a nearby seven... they litter the cities street corners, but man i took it as a sign from the crazy gos from that one movie with the coke bottle and those black dudes that clicked and whistled. btw, i love those dudes.

and yah, i bought gatorade and reeces peanust butter cups.

im too half asleep and half awake to truely fall asleep, it's so totally annoying. nothing makes my eyes widen and feel more awake than laying down.

and siting in a chair makes me nearly fall asleep face down on the keyboard.

30 minutes until howard stern comes on the air... god it has felt like forever until 3am tonihgt...

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