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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

i love slutty chicks.

i wish all chicks were slutty, or better yet... i wish that the world slut wasn't considered such a dis.

i mean, what is a slut? a chick who likes to fuck? if that's what a slut is... then umm... ALL GUYS love sluts.

im gonna marry me a slutty lil whore. you betcha.

i once dated this girl who wasn't all that much into fucking and sucking and i even had to beg to eat her pussy, she didn't like it, she thought it was too "messy" she was definitely NOT a slut, and definitely not much fun

i think it's like the word asshole. being an asshole is under rated too.

im an asshole, and im proud of it, but i used to be way nicer. i hadn't yet learned that being a nice guy is truely the mistake.

nice guys finish last. nice guys become door mats

so whats the message im sending to the world today? there needs to be more sluts and assholes. the end.

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