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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

i had a huge shit eating grin on my face at CompUSA, buying my new computer monitor, a 17inch Samsung, model #: SyncMaster 712n, for 199.99 after rebate.

smart shoppers shop around, and i did, and i scored a sweet deal. but before i could pat myself on the back, i felt the first pang hit my stomach.

not so much a pang as a sonic boom

it was ten minutes later, and my new shit was thrown wherever it happened to land, as i bust through the front door, and immediately stripped to my boxers.

about 30 seconds after THAT, i was in a ball on the bathroom floor praying for the puke or the shit to leave my body NOW.

was it that McDonald's on Slauson? Was my stomach just upset cuz i took that ancient asprin from the swap meet?

i was literally trapped in my bathroom, because the fan on in my other room was on. and the puking and puking attempts kept me dripping in sweat, so the other room made me frozen-balozen.

i finally got to a point where i could get to my bed, and big tanky came over, and set me up with a bowl to puke into, and she played her gameboy on my couch while i had a 6 hour caniption fit.

i awoke somehow at 1:30am... and saw bigtanky's feet over there on my couch still. i sat up, and held my right hand over my stomach. was it over? god i hoped so.

i woke up tanky, who didn't even realize she had passed out (she thought it was 11pm prolly) and i thanked her for the support, and sent her home.

the good news is that the computer monitor still works after being flung. and my sale this weekend got cancelled. the one that was shitty.

the easy one that requires little to no work is still humpin and pumpin. i have to make a cameo at the dealership at noon.

my throat hurts from all that bile. doncha hate that feeling?

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