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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

i found my self on the 405 30 minutes after i got off teh phone with the viking. he got the kush.

it was past ten o clock wich meant that love line was on the air, and adam and dr. drew are talk radio favorites of mine, so i enjoyed my peaceful drive up the sepulveda pass on my way to no. ho.

i arrived to find the viking halfway thru Man on Fire, and i sat down and toked some kush and sorta got into it, but...

right when denzel was gonna go on the killing spree, after he chilled out in the park, met with the blonde chick, and then saw christopher walkin to fetch his arssenal of weapons... the DVD starts skipping harder than a lil catholic school girl on her way home from the last day of second grade.

we were pissed and drove by 20/20 Video to confirm what we already knew. it was closed.

we knew it would be, but we also knew of the Del Taco within proximatey where we spent $15

on my way home i took the 170 south to the 101 south though hollywood propper i could drive thru downtown LA and check out the sky scrapers... and connect to the 110 south, drive through south central and hop onto the 105 westbound, and barrel through inglewood to the 405 south, and exit rosecrans.

i like that downtown way, i mean its twice the freeway hopping, but a jillion times more scenic.

i was reading weapon of mass d's site, and learned about the camera i cant live without.

something to save for perhaps? or should i buy it when i wake up?

well yah i was totally bored of the idea of driving home, being in my car felt good all night long, so i decided to head to torrance and hit up the 24 hour k mart. why the fuck not.

i wandered around and debated on if i should buy a football or a socket wrench set, or perhaps new bedsheets (but im thread count illiterate). then i remembered that i am so totally out of advil gel caps, and so i bought the largest bottle they gots, and then i noticed the rubbing alcohol and the epson salt, and realized i should clean my bong, and now im home. wow.

freak out.

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