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Monday, October 11, 2004

firstly, RIP christopher reeves... i hope you were on someone's Celebrity Death Pool, becuase you are worth a shit load of points.

nextly, fuck Mike Nesmith. the monkees are living legends, yet mr fancy pants producer, heir to the white out fortune... he's too fucking proud to hang with his bros.

if i was davey jones, i'd bite mike's kneecaps off.

it's like famous people always wanna be famous for some shit they suck at. like keanu in dog star. like LL Cool J in feature films. like Shaq trying to be a rapper. like arnold being a governor. bill mahar being a political pundit.

i mean how funny is it when you see a TOTALLY type cast actor trying to pretend they aren't who they are. like when you see seabiscuit the movie, tell me that it doesn't look like spiderman is riding a horse. pffft.

"i spoonfed eisenhower"

and here's a little evidence of how freaky i'd look with blue eyes.

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