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Thursday, October 14, 2004

dreddy called me (randomly) today, but she has since cut off her "world famous" dred locks, so i guess i'll have to just call her erinn.

she still lives in the LBC, still loves and lives with tudor balogna, and i guess is going to school in hollywood.

im so self centered i didnt even ask what for... and i immediately told her i felt bad for not calling her for her birthday, but by the time i realized it... it was already a few days after Oct 5th

she laughed, and its all good, cuz erinn and i are homies for life like that. even if we dont talk for years.

there was a time when she and i were everyday homies, back when i still drove the red toyota pickup truck, and three hip hop shows a week was on the low side.

i must have seen the living legends 20 jillion times. son son chief ahhh sun spot JONES underground legend bonez

im such a light weight, it wouldnt be unusual for me to get way too drunk and have to hide out in the safety and familiarity of my truck, and wait for erinn to come out of the tiki bar in costa mesa, and drive us back home.

ive prolly seen her twice in the last year. a shame.

we kinda play this game, her and i, where we each say, "yah man, we SO should hang out, i cant wait till you come over"

"ME come over? YOU should totally be the one to come over"

and welp stubborness is a bitch, plus 30 minutes away means a shit ton in LA.

besides, our once every four months "check up call" is all we need.

we're busy.

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