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Saturday, October 02, 2004

dave scored me weed from his building, and then i hung out with him and cindy, and wondered if cindy still hated my guts as bad as she used to, or perhaps not, she was always nice to my face back then too...

but i knew i shoudl leave before it got weird, and i did, and here i am, and now i have people on the way with beers, and radio humper asked me just now if i knew how those poor stranded suckers got home from south central, and now i wonder that mySELF... slightly.

so it's kinda weird too how the circle of weed ends up being so small. i was gonn abuy weed from homie A... but as i mentioned, ened up with weed from homie B.

well homie a, and homie b, they know eacghother, and really homie B hasn't been doing to well, and asked homie a to hook him up... and really the reason i couldn't score from homie A was because he was dry.

the point is, i went to homie b, and ended up with homie A's weed. wich is what i wanted in the first place.

and ppl wonder why stoners are so confused. HAH.

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