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Friday, October 01, 2004

dave kicked ass.

him and his chewbacca lookin self killed it like no other rookie i seen this side of the mississp'

go on witcher bad selffff

he's like 6 foot whatever so he can staple hammer those shits to the telephone poles WAY up there so non of the damn locals can mess with em.

that's what we call in teh sign business, "FUCKING RAD!"

it's an industry term...

so we arrive to find out we dont have our stickers, wich is fine really, because orbert will fetch them, and i know how to dress a sale in such a way, that i use the arrows to hide the wrong address that the re-use signs have, and it's no big whup, and the stickers came in time, and so did the walkers.

but they were trippin. only one out of the five that came in the car was willing to work, and come to find out from her, sarah the sign walker, that all those people were doing coke the whole ride up saying they didn't really "feel" like working, wich explains the attitude, and leaves me baffled as to why they agreed to it, and even drove the fuck out there. i mean, stay home, i dont want to see your fucking non working for me face.

so i was on the phone with the viking explaiong everything when he told me he'd call me back with answers, and the answer was, "danny pulled together five people they;re on the way NOW... *click* "

stoked, that left me with having to find one more wich took me a minute, but got pulled off. and that;s all that matters.

then me and dave got bonged, and slammed out the rest of the gig like clock work.

but that's why they pay me the big bucks, im the bomb difuser. they needed all the walkers out on time, they GOT that. end of story.

im a man of my word.

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