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Thursday, October 07, 2004

damn you dodgers to hell. who do you think you are... THE LAKERS?

disapoint LA and we might not ever have your back again. at least... not until you make it to the play offs again (this IS los angeles, ain't it?)

i remember being a young lad getting taken to games at dodger stadium. i always liked night games better. day games would prolly be more fun nowadays... now that i am old enough to be shithouse drunk.

i hate people from los angeles that like the angels. THAT AIN'T LA!!!

that's anaheim. ana-crime... shit... that ain't even LA county!!! plus, i dont like them because they have a religious name, and a lame one at that. they couldn't at least be the anaheim DEMONS? i mean, angel just sounds so wussed out. i thought you were sposed to name your team after something that sounded tough, like the san fran GIANTS.

what am i getting all worked up about anyways? everyone knows baseball sucks. even golf is less boring to watch.

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