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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Friday, September 24, 2004

white and the vike are on their way over for 6 footers and then we're outtie for dinner amongst sign guy champions, and then the obvious... PARTY!

ive already gone skating, and bombed a few hills, and felt free from signs for a moment. my problem is i let work become my life, whatever the work is.

im just that way.

*status update: whitey is on his way to fetch weed and come over, and the viking is at the 405 and the 101*

anyways, i have given a lot of myself to the signs in the last (almost) three years that ive been a sign guy. my blood sweat and tears. mostly blood and sweat.

signs used to just be my second job, and i was "really" a full time real estate appraiser that worked from home and had and office that was head quartered in Long Beach. frank was the cheif appraiser, a real nice old coot i wanna stop and say hi to sometime, and the point is, i worked like an ox on uppers back then... literally burning the candle at both ends, and well... jobbing, and maknig dinero... it's my life. (sad, i kno, but i durn kurrr)

i LOVE what i do even when i hate it, and i have to admit... i like working. i like being at work. and i love being good at it...

i was gonna keep typing until my friends got here, to keep me busy, but now i feel like leaning back in my desk chair and smoking a cigarette listening to the STRICTLY PURE DUB radio station on my itunes...

raise your mai tai to the sky, and shout, "irie mon"

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