Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Friday, September 10, 2004

welcome to anti's dictatorship.

the ghetto was blazin hot, yo. my thin white fruit of the loom tee shirt was soaked with stink sweat. i love it when it just runs down my face.

once we have the front of the dealership looking tits with signs all over the place, and flags and shit tied to the fence, it's straight AC time rolling in the truck, while i slave out danny for a bit. that's what i pay his chatty kathy ass for, right?

danny didn't do much talking today, we had Stern on all morning and it was nice to HEAR the show for a change. thx danny.

anyways, our client high fived me, slapped me the chiggity checky chizzle fo shizzle, and i already slammed that baby into the bank.

on the agenda for tonight... booze. naja's is fun, especially when the house band with no name comes on and busts classic rock covers. i like hearing ZZ Top live no matter who's playing it. makes me want to dust off my axe, and get distorted with a distortion pedal myself. imma mean ass death metal guitar solo-ist.

ok so this is my weak ass vacuum cleaner. it's useless. and cleaning my whole apartment on my hands and knees making a million strokes across the carpe... that's not getting it done.

i've thought about it, and yes i should just give it up and buy a shop vac, but i derno, seems a bit FUCKING HUGE for my tiny fleabag apartment.

so imma just score something nice and decent from target (pronounced tar-jay) BAGLESS baby, im gonna rock the bagless finally!!!

oh and i forgot to say that i bought a pirate flag for $12 on vermont and slauson. it now hangs next to my bed. so i can see skulls and bones in my dreams...

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