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Thursday, September 09, 2004

The two greek asshole clients, the ones who lie and who talk to me like im an infant.... they're not gonna have me to abuse all weekend. SCORE!

it would have been slightly mellow though, because the two greek assholes are selling cars in REDONDO BEACH for once... and there's like NEVER a sale in redondo.

fuck that noise though, i am so relieved to be put on a sign job that doesn't require me getting so stressed out that my stomach quivers.

yes i will be doing the south central jobby. the one that i could almost do with my eyes closed. except i wont have Robert as my helper... i'll have danny. wich is fine, as long as danny doesn't forget when to shut his yaptrap. and i hope to god danny doesn't need me to pick his ass up from buena park. i'll take him home, who cares... but if i have to fetch him, that's an hour earlier that i have to wake up.

lifes tuff.

i never even got payed yet for last week. i'm slowly moving away from living pay check to pay check, and the debt is SHRINKING. next thing you know, i'll actually have money in the bank. holy fuck!!!! a savings!!!!!

see? i knew buying weed in bulk would save me money. im a genius.

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