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Friday, September 24, 2004

today sucked.

i have two jobs this weekend, right? one in LB and one in south central. well, suddenly i have to find two signwalkers because someone missed their ride from buena park or some shit like that... so the viking tells me he knows of a place on paramount blvd that has border brothers who hang out trying to score a job.

well after asking (axing) all thirty of them, we found out that they would do it if they got paied 10 dollars an hour instead of $8, and... really... it didnt matter what we paid them, because they didn't believe we would really come back and fork over the cash like we said we would.

frustrating. especially when time is of the essence, and im STILL two people short.

i mention to robert, "this is what REAL sign jobbing is all about." he laughed.

i ended up finding a black dude, who knew of two OTHER black dudes, and was willing to tell me where they were, if i gave him 5 cigarettes... and that's how we met Speedy and Washington, and no these arent names we made up, they introduced themselves that way.

speedy did all the talking, and told robert and i how he is a rapper, and how its a blessing that we found him so he can get a motel, and get cleaned up, and do some rap shows.

after he got out of the car, robert said, "mannnn, he ain't no rapper, and he's not gonna spend his money on no mo-mo. that fool's a CRACKhead!"

i replied, "duh."

anyways, next thing you know, i find out that my signs for south central not only aren't on their way, they haven't even been printed yet. and yes, our current printshop is in temecula, meaning that with friday afternoon traffic... basically... im FUCKED.

i end up hammering out the rest of my LB street signs around the town, and head over to south central hoping that my boys bringing me my signs from temecula make it there with enough time to allow me to handle the job, and get BACK to Long Beach to cut loose the 8 signwalkers i had.

well danny and ceaser, the dudes coming from temecual, didn't make it on time. and i had to bone out leaving THEM to handle the front of the dealership whilst i stay in gridlock traffic trying to get to my walkers in time.

NOWWWWWW... i have to wake up at the BUTT cracky crizzle of dawn to do... SIGNS.

the reason i make a small fortune every weekend, is because my job is NEVER done.

now will someone PLEASE come over and light the other end of this ridiculuosly long water pipe? thx

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