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Wednesday, September 15, 2004


spike lives in hermosa beach, and as far as i can tell... has about the same amount of freetime as i do.

his house is a musical shmorgesborg

and i tried to convince him to go with me to vegas this coming Sept 24th.

Sean, that fool from Nebraska, called me up and invited me to meet up with him and his little brother in vegas on that weekend. his bro is turning 21.

i must admit im jealous from the jump, i mean, when *I* turned 21, all i got was drunk in some dive bar in lawndale. and sean's lil brother is gonna trip the lights fantastic in Las vegas??? with big tittied lap dancers, complementary vodka tonics, and dice and cards and bells'n'whistle?!?!?! lucky prick.

but yah, i'll be there fo sho. unless that weekend happens to be signjob hell with like ten million jobs, meaning that my work will need me, and i wont be able to go.

but in the end, i think chris said he's headed out the vegas THIS weekend. so either way, if i DO head out... it'll be solo.

sean said i can crash out on the floor of wherever they and up staying, and i might do that, or i might get a spot of my own. i dont kurrr really, cuz im just jazzed about taking time off from LA and NOT having to work the whole time.

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