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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Friday, September 17, 2004


so i cut my own hair cuz whitey told me it was no big deal, and my hats weren't fitting anymore, and supercuts scurrs me, and welp, im SUPER stoked

damn i feel like a chump for not always just cutting my own hair.

i like my shit sloppy and shaggy and slamma blammalicious. so it came out perfect.

whitey and me and big tanky are here with huge bonghits and miller Lite, and i cant wait to sign job in the morning!!!!! fuck yah foolios. san retardino, here we come.

hold on i gotta pound more beer...

ok so the topic is G. Love and SPecial sauce, we like those guys, consider them ENDORSED. unique and abilities too.

anyways im amped and a half that i cut my own hair, it was very awesome, and im pleased.

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