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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Monday, September 06, 2004

look... i don't give a fuck once i get there, but getting there, that shit rocks my world. it's the best part, innit?

i have to be driving too. as much as i bitch... i secretly LOVE driving. i like it for a million reasons, but mostly because it forces me to concentrate on the world im driving through, rather than sleep and fucking MISS it all.

the dudes at teh oil change place always have to have a little rally around my truck and they come over and ask me, "you realllllly rack up those miles, don'cha buddy?" and i shrug back at them, because i just want my oil changed. not to make grease monkey friends.

but yah i feel the NEED to go somewhere. FAR prefffffered preferably, and like i cant fucking wait! i wanna fly though, and parhaps sleep on somenoes couch.

(where the fuck are my cigarettes?! oh wait there they are)

people that come here, to this blog dont really read any of it. i could go askdjakdjaskda. the whole time. or so i've been told. wich is pretty awesome, and kinda weird that i waste my time dribbling on...

but apparantly i LOVE wasting time.

the new bong is wonderous, and makes me trip on how i put up smoking through such a piece of shit for so long, i mean that shit was so weak and light weight it fell over twice a day.

im pulling onna sierra nevada Pale Ale cuz i felt like being fancy. i guess.

they call me oconnor cuz it rhymes with johnner

ok so its ten jillion degrees outside, even here at the beach... my pool is having labor day party-ness with like fuckin $1.50 greyhounds and chips and dip and shit like that. maybe i'll meet a cougar.

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