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Saturday, September 04, 2004

leave me the fuck alone. i mean, not always, just when i get sick of you, wich will be obvious, becuase i'll have this look on my face like i just sucked on a bag of shit.

the cuddle novelty of a girl in my bed wears off in about 20 minutes, and then my body, aslo known as the human furnace, kicks it into overdrive... and i feel like my blood is boiling and like my skin is gonna cook itself off the bones.

what's with these dude's that are all needy and want their chicks to stay the night? are you too scurred to sleep alone? you need your mommy there?? do you need the hallway light on too? you fucking puss...

im very particular about my sleep habbits. i like to get it in two hour spurts, so that i can wake up and get a cigarette in, here and there.

i dont mind the girl sleeping over though, i mean, if she knows how to ackright. like, no touching me, and hold fucking still dammit. there was this one chick that couldn't leave me be, and she'd get too close to me making me all uncomfortably hot and sweaty, one time i even had to ask her to stop breathing her hotgarbage-sleep-breath all over me.

i wouldn't have gotten so annoyed if she didn't get so butt hurt. i mean, why take things like that personally? it's not my fault, i gotta be me.

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