Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Thursday, September 09, 2004


i have no clue why anyone likes this blog but i have a few theories.

first and foremost i update all the time. even if it was the most horrifically boring shit i wrote, at least its new shit. writers block is a myth.

i think it might be a breath of fresh air for some that i can laugh at myself, and i dont comb my computer looking for only the most falttering of pics of myself (i even post pics of myself on the crapper), or how shamelessly i will reveal that i have nothing to do all weekend (no life), and that im not affraid to reveal ANYTHING on my mind, or look like the biggest dork(cuz i am).

one thing, that i never know if anyone can see or not, is that my attitude is like FUCK THE READER. my blog, my freetime, my thoughts, my hobbie. if you want to make a hobby of reading my website good for you, or if there wasn't even a website for anyone to see... i'd still write things down, even if it was only on paper with a pencil. because i do this because it's fun to me. i feel better after i purge my soul. reader this

i argue that writing itself takes NO TALENT. because writing really just falls under the umbrella of communicating, and communication is where peopel either have or lack talent. i recently spoke to someone who said that they saw writing as a limited form of communication, perhaps trying to tell me that they felt like talking things out verbally had more range.

i could not disagree more. how can you talk anything out if you can't type it out? words are words, aren't they? and with italics, bold, CAPLOCK and all the other textual options, i derno. it feels limitless to me.

but i think most of the people that read my blog are people i've made friends with. i have my aol screenname up at the top of this page for a reason, because i like to say hello, and ask anyone i've met or talked to... i'm really fairly friendly (unless you are attacking me).

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