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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

im the rollingest stoniest stone you ever saw with a lot of moss gathered, oddly enough. but maybe thats not moss, maybe that's weed, you just have to look closer to find out, or you can judge me by my rep...

what would anti do with moss? not a god damned thing. see...? you can even use the process of elimination.

you know if you wait long enough your apartment will finally become disgusting enough that one of your visitors will resort to cleaning it? well that tactic hasn't been working lately. damn it all!

my hair is borderline retarded at this point, and i'd love a fucking haircut. i know i've said i'll never go to supercuts again... but imma dicey motherfucker, and i am far too lazy to figure out some other place to go, beside fantastic sams, wich we all know, is far less than than fantastic.

that tv show scrubs is my favorite program. funny shit. (keep in mind i dont have cable)

italics are so cool right now, but strike through is hotter

does a couch potato gather moss? or dorito crumbs? i hate doritos, those chips are too dusty.

i wanna take a class in the art of etcha sketching. its a lost art.

i heard from another signwalker that whitey got crazy on some lady who was being mouthy, and was saying they didnt like the corner whitey was gonna make them signwalk on... he told her, "oh you dont wanna work? ok bitch, GET the FUCK out of my truck." that's so rad!

go whitey! i trained him well.

im gonna see about throwing down bigtime tomorrow morning and getting heavy duty tires, instead of an ordinary replacement set. my truck needs it, honestly. i dont want big ass tacky tires, but i mos def want some shit with a little bite on it. nahmean, posers?

i have a pint of ice cream to demolish. yes its true, i am a health freak.

i think raspy-shmaspy is coolio.

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