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Thursday, September 09, 2004

i just remembered another reason why i have given up on going to the grocery store.

see, what used to happen is i'd be sitting at home. stoned. and i'd get the bright idea to go fill up a shopping cart with shit from the super market. and then i could make all the treats in the world in the comfort of my own studio apartment. wee!

well here's the thing i seem to ALWAYS forget, i hate all the shit the market sells.

i don't want fucking pop tarts, or marinara sauce. im definitely not buying any produce. what the hell would i use a vegitable for? im too lazy to cook a steak... or any other meat, my sinks broken so i cant eat food that requires a clean dish to eat it off of.

and so, the measly five items i pick, could have all been bought at 7-11. Chips, Beer, Pop, and cigarettes. IN FACT.

at 7-11 they dont lock the smokes up behind that plastic like they do at the market, so it'd have been faster by all accounts.

teh other reason i dont shop for shit is because it's a waste. i am too out of control with my obsessive compulsive behaviour, that whatever is bought, is gone by the time i wake up the next morning. DEPLETED!

it's like im bored, so every time i get up, i grap another jello pudding snak, take another swipe off the big jug of orange juice (rinse, repeat) and i have nothing to show for it the next day, except for constapation... perhaps.

i am boycotting pizza. it's great that they drive it here, but that's no excuse to pretend its the only food that exists.

i wish i was more of a salad dude. im like more of a dressing-with-salad-dude rather than a salad-with-dressing-guy. if that makes sense.

welp i cant make any sense of this, but i love the way the new tires look on the silverado. bad. ace.

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